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Dog training

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For dog owners who are trying to train their dogs (obedience training or teaching them new tricks), making use of any dog training aid that is available on the market, is something that should be done. Not only will the right dog training aid help your dog learn the techniques, tricks, and commands you are giving, but the use of aids is also going to make the training much easier on you as an owner. Depending on the breed of dog, and what you are teaching them, knowing which dog training aid to use is key to proper training.

Collars & Harnesses
There are many collars that can be used to train your dogs; some of these include:
– choke collars (to teach them a particular command);
– electric shock collar (obedience training or bark training); or,
– walking harnesses (to keep the dog in a close proximity when you are training them).
Making use of collars will not only teach your dog the commands you want them to learn, or the things you want them to stop doing (barking, jumping on furniture, etc), but they are also going to show your dog that you are in command.

The use of a clicker is also a great item to use as a dog training aid. The click can be used as a positive reinforcement training. After your dog learns a command you will use the clicker, and give them a treat. This in turn is going to get them to learn the command, and they are automatically going to link the clicking with the positive reinforcement. Over time you do not have to use treats, as they are going to learn the positive behavior, and the positive reaction when following the commands.

There are also belly bands that can be used as a dog training aid if you are trying to potty train your dog. These bands are placed around the stomach, and when they urinate it will remain on the wet towel. This is going to ensure your home stays clean while you are training them, and it is going to be much faster for potty training your dog, and teaching them to go outside the house.

This dog training aid is similar to a muzzle which is placed around the dog’s face, and allows owners to have better command of the dog when walking them, or teaching them other commands. Leads come in many different types from rope leads as pictured here to extendable training and recall leads, tracking leads and your standard everyday walking lead.

Spray Training Collar
This type of collar is similar to a shock collar, only that instead of a shock, the negative behavior is going to be followed by an unpleasant spray (usually lemon flavor, and it is not harmful to the dog). This dog training aid is going to quickly teach the dog that when they act negatively, or do not obey a command, they will get the flavored spray; this is one of the quickest ways to teach your dog the commands you want them to obey.

Although these types of dog training aid are used for puppies, to keep them in a restricted area, they can also be used for larger dogs. Whether you want to teach them which areas of the home they can (and cannot) go to, the pen will keep them restricted, and limit their movement to the areas you allow them to go to.

There are many different options to consider when you want to train your dog to follow and obey certain commands, or learn new tricks. The dog training aid you choose to use will vary for each owner, and the commands they want to teach. These are some of the most popular options to turn to when you want to find the right dog training aid, and get your dog following commands in the shortest period of time.