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Dog training clubs

Trying to find good local dog training clubs can be quite hard. If you know someone that can recommend a local dog training club then what better place to start. If not then my advice would be to have a look through local directories and phone round a few until you find one you feel will benefit you the most. The kennel club is also a good source of information.

All good dog training clubs will allow you to attend a training session without any further obligation. This is important for you to see if you think you will be happy training at the club because lets face it if your not happy you will not be training there for long. Beware of any club who say you have to sign up first and ask for money upfront or offer training immediately on an hourly basis. Specialist one to one advice can be invaluable in certain cases but the majority of the time issues can be easily corrected by regular training at a local dog training club.

A training session at a good local club should cost roughly £3 to £5 for a one to two hour session.

You will usually find an entire world of advice from the club and from other members ranging from how and where to get a puppy right through to how and where to train for competition. You will also get good advice on what dog training aids can be useful and how to use them. Most people would not think of going along to a dog training club before getting a puppy or dog, but bare in mind, most clubs are friendly local members clubs where you just might find someone with 40 years experience of the breed you are wanting and you won’t get much better advice, who knows, they might even go with you to choose a puppy.

In summary, don’t be afraid of just going along to a local club, with or without a dog and I’m sure you will be surprised how much members will be happy to help you or point you in the right direction.